Welcome to the 2018 TriFilm Society Programming Survey. We appreciate your feedback.
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What's your role in film / video making?

Don't overthink this one. We only want to get to know you better, so check all that apply or fill in the "other" category if your role isn't represented in this list of choices.

How would you describe the TriFilm Society to a friend?

What does the organization stand for or what makes it unique? What's the vibe like at events? Let's hear it.
What's your film-related goal for 2018?

Are you making a movie? Looking for feedback on your screenplay? Auditioning for a big role? Tell us what's on your mind and how we can help you succeed.
What kind of events do you want?

We need your help prioritizing the programs on our wish list. What's most exciting to you? If it's not one of the options, add it in the "other" field.

Do you have any feedback about the TriFilm Society?

Share what's on your mind. Are you happy with what we're doing, hoping for something new, or secretly wishing we'd do something differently next year? We can't read your mind but we'd love to read your rants and raves!
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